Meet Amy Howard

Amy Howard is well known in the furniture finishing industry. She has painted for presidents, princes, and celebrities. Her home, with all its gorgeous furniture, has been featured in multiple magazines and books over the last 35 years.

After publishing two books and teaching her online course, The Old World Finishing Course, she realized her students wanted to continue to learn a much wider variety of finishing techniques both for their personal use and for up-leveling their own refinishing businesses.

The Finishing School's Inner Circle, workshops, and courses is Amy’s answer to this demand for more.


Why Work With Amy?

✥ Amy Howard started a finishing business, built it, and it ended up doing 6 figures in its first year. Within 3 years she had 23 showrooms nationally and multi-millions in sales annually.
✥ She develops her finishes and knows the ins and outs of the necessary steps to create finishes like no one else. Amy’s proven processes as well as her business acumen make her the perfect mentor for creatives. She too is a creative, she understands the frustrations, distractions, limitations, and roadblocks that keep you from staying on track and being successful.
✥ Learning great techniques and finishes is essential to create incredible pieces and a thriving business. While you might be able to go at this journey alone, working along side someone who has done it and been successful at it many times over will greatly increase your success. 
✥ Amy will take you from where you are now and develop your skills each month with new workshops and trainings that will turn you into a seasoned expert within a very short window of time.

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