Finishing School Workshops

Refinishing Workshops

Refinishing Workshops are high quality step-by-step trainings that teach you how to complete expert finishes.

Trompe L'oeil

Learn the secrets of Trompe l'oeil and craft stunning, deceptive visuals on various surfaces that are truly incredible. 

Old World Wallpapers

Unleash your creativity and discover how to craft stunning old world wallpapers using diverse techniques for exquisite, timeless finishes.


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Antiquing Mirror

Master the art of antiquing mirrors in this detailed, step-by-step workshop for crafting genuine, vintage-inspired mirror.

Faux Woodgrain

Learn faux woodgrain techniques and transform various surfaces with realistic, textured wood-like appearances.

Resin Marble Countertops

Craft elegant resin marble countertops and versatile applications with expert techniques for stunning, realistic results.

Dyeing Fabric

Unlock the art of fabric dyeing for distinctive, vibrant finishes; transform textiles with expert techniques and creativity.

Crafting Captivating 3D Pompeii Plaster Finishes

Learn 3D Pompeii plaster secrets and develop authentic, textured surfaces with expert guidance for various applications.

Everything About Wood Repair

Master wood repair essentials for furniture refinishing and learn to restore missing sections, refine finishes, and more with expert guidance.

3D Embossing

Master 3D embossing to design and antique intricate raised accents on furniture and décor for a truly vintage appeal.

Italian Plaster Finish

Impress everyone and learn to create multiple refinishes of this gorgeous finish!

Venetian Plaster Marble

Master Venetian plaster marble: craft elegant, marble-like surfaces for floors, walls, and beyond with expert techniques.

Travertine Stone

Explore faux travertine stone creation and learn to apply authentic, earthy textures to various surfaces and pieces.

The Art of Authentic Antique Staining

Craft genuine antique stains and develop exquisite, time-worn finishes with expert guidance in this engaging workshop.

Multi Layer Monochromic Provincial Finish

Discover incredible multi-layer monochromic provincial finishes and master elegant techniques for transforming furniture with timeless style.

Mastering Parchment Milk Paint & Tortoise Porphyry Finishes

Unleash artistic elegance with parchment milk paint and tortoise porphyry techniques for stunning, refined surfaces.

Pompeii Finish

Discover the step-by-step process for creating a captivating Pompeii Finish using a unique blend of milk paints and Venetian plaster.

Mica Finish

Learn to create stunning raised Mica Finishes using powders, glass beads, and stencils in this comprehensive workshop.

Embossing Gel Finishes

Craft exquisite Embossing Gel Finishes using beautiful stencils, a variety of milk paints, and embossing gel in this comprehensive workshop for classic and understated styles.

Plaster Art

Enjoy this comprehensive workshop and learn the art of Venetian Plaster Art. Discover the process of creating truly stunning walls and artwork for captivating results.

Limewash Finishes

Master this ancient finish that was used in the Sistine Chapel, to create stunning walls and furniture finishes that will last for hundreds of years.

Color Theory

Enjoy this comprehensive workshop and learn the step-by-step process of Mixing Colors and creating your first Abstract Painting.

Abstract Painting 101

Create stunning designer pieces of Abstract Art worth thousands of dollars with this step-by-step workshop as a beginner.

Abstract Painting (Pt. 2)

Enjoy this comprehensive workshop and learn the step-by-step process of layering an Abstract Painting. Discover the amazing world of abstract painting using acrylics

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with Lilian Ibrahim

Want to start or improve your drawing, learn the step-by-step process of creating incredible drawings on the right side of the brain.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with Lilian Ibrahim (Pt. 2)

Draw incredible art by learning proportions, placement, and scale when drawing a portrait, how to shade and so much more in this step-by-step workshop for beginners.

Botanical Monoprinting 101 with Suzy Sharpe

Create stunning pieces of art by learning step-by-step how to print using leaves and flowers. Discover the amazing world of botanical monoprinting in this workshop.

Negoro-Nuri: Oriental Lacquering Technique Workshop with Amy Howard

Master this oriental lacquering finish that was used in Japan, to create stunning items that will last for hundreds of years.

Learning the Art of French Polishing

Create stunning pieces of furniture by learning the steps of this technique. Discover the rich historical world of French Polishing in this workshop.

Caproni Wrap Finishes

Master these 3 techniques demonstrated by Amy to create stunning pieces of art. Discover a BONUS Luxe Lacquer Finish in this detailed workshop.

Business Workshops

Business Workshops are high quality step-by-step training videos that teach you how to build your refinishing business.

Start A Finishing Business

Master the essential elements of starting and growing a thriving refinishing business in this comprehensive workshop led by Amy Howard.

Planning Is Your Superpower

In this insightful workshop, unleash the power of effective planning to stay calm, organized, and focused as you build and grow your furniture refinishing business.

Becoming The Rainmaker

Master the art of generating income as an artist by crafting lucrative deals and attracting loyal clients in this empowering, skill-building workshop

Making Yourself Known on Social Media

Dive into this comprehensive workshop to learn the step-by-step process of creating a vibrant community and boosting your online presence through the power of social media.

Starving To Thriving Artist

Discover the transformative roadmap to break free from the starving artist mindset and embrace a prosperous, flourishing artistic career in this inspiring workshop.

Setting & Achieving Goals

Uncover Amy's proven, step-by-step approach to setting and achieving ambitious goals that drive tangible growth in your business in this insightful workshop.

Duplicating Yourself

Uncover Amy's precise steps for hiring and effectively training employees to ensure they contribute to your business's growth and ongoing success in this invaluable workshop.

Going To Market

Discover Amy Howard's insider secrets for successfully navigating a Market, driving sales, and forging valuable connections to propel your business forward.

Exploring Baroque Furniture: A Journey through France, Britain, and the Netherlands

Delve into the rich history of Baroque furniture across France, Britain, and the Netherlands, and engage with guest speaker and expert Megan Aldrich in this enlightening workshop.

Land Your First Client in 5 Days

Discover Amy Howard's insider strategies for locating and marketing yourself to prospective designer clients, securing your first designer collaboration within just five days in this empowering workshop.

Earning $86k+ as A Furniture Refinisher in a 15-Hour Workweek

Discover the secrets to optimizing your furniture business, mastering social media strategies, and effective planning to achieve $86k+ annual earnings while working under 15 hours per week.

Smartphone Photography

Join Amy Howard and Linda Holt as they reveal their expert techniques for capturing stunning, professional-grade photos using just your smartphone in this engaging workshop.

Thomas Chippendale: A Glimpse into 18th Century English Furniture

Delve into the world of Thomas Chippendale and his iconic furniture styles, as expert Megan Aldrich guides you through the intricacies of 18th-century English craftsmanship in this fascinating workshop

Welcome to Instagram 101

Master the fundamentals of Instagram, learn how to craft eye-catching graphics in Canva, and more in this all-inclusive introductory workshop designed for social media newcomers.

Mastering Self-Leadership: Unlock Your Potential with Chris Conlee

Elevate your leadership skills in this transformative workshop featuring guest speaker Chris Conlee, as you learn to manage your attitude, embrace proactive behaviors, and become a true difference-maker.

Instagram for Business: Building Your Brand and Driving Sales

Learn how to create a professional Instagram presence, master content strategies, harness the platform's features, and boost your brand's success in this comprehensive business-focused workshop.

Holistic Goal Setting: Strategies for Success with Chris Conlee

Join guest speaker Chris Conlee in this inspiring workshop as you explore effective goal-setting techniques for your work, spiritual, physical, and family, achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

Refinishers Content Machine

Learn how furniture refinishers can easily create a system to consistently produce and repurpose content across their blog, email list, and social media channels.

How to Create & Promote Local Workshops

Learn Amy Howard's exact process for promoting and hosting memorable and profitable local workshops.

Clients on Demand

Learn how to easily create a system that generates local refinishing clients using social media advertising.

Redefining Greatness Workshop with Chris Conlee

Join guest speaker Chris Conlee in this inspiring workshop and learn the reasons your dreams haven’t come true, and what desire, decisions, disciplines, and direction have to do with your destination.

Diversify Your Income With Affiliate Marketing

Join Preston Howard in this value packed workshop and learn how as a furniture refinisher you can leverage Affiliate Marketing as a lucrative revenue stream.

Story Brand: Making Your Message Matter

Join guest speaker Karin Conlee and learn how to craft your brand story to create interest and convert leads coming into your business.

The AI Advantage: Boost Your Business with Amy Karle's Kickstarter Pt. 1

Join guest speaker Amy Karle and learn how to use ChatGPT and quickly craft engaging social media posts with AI.

The AI Advantage: Boost Your Business with Amy Karle's Kickstarter Pt. 2

Join guest speaker Amy Karle and learn how to use AI to generate images and visual assets for your Refinisher business with Midjourney, DALL-E and others.

Get Unstuck: Master the 3 Stages of Work with Bob Willumsen

Join guest speaker Bob Willumsen and learn why you get stuck and don't take action to move your business forward. You'll master the 3 stages of work to help you take massive action.

How to Legally Protect Yourself, Your Property and Your Business with Dean L. Offret, Esq.

Join guest speaker Dean L. Offret, Esq. and understand contracts. You'll learn the common mistakes you may be making when negotiating contracts for your business and so much more.

How to Create A Winning Instagram Strategy Workshop with Camille Cohen

Join guest Camille Cohen and learn IG strategy. You'll learn what you should post, how often you should post, how to grow your audience organically, and so much more.

Mastering a Successful Stall Business with Amy Howard

Join Amy Howard and learn how to select the best location for your stall to leverage foot traffic, 5 reasons to play music in your stall, how to leverage Mass Merchandising to make over $10K a month, and so much more.

How to Achieve your New Year's Business Goals with Bob Willumsen

Join Amy & Bob and learn actionable steps on how to achieve the goals you wrote on January 1st for your business. You'll learn how to create habits for success, maximizing the seasons of your business, and so much more.

Accelerating Your Business Growth Through Social Media Ads with Megan K. Christiansen

Join Amy & Megan and learn why Social Media Ads are a gamechanger for your business. You'll learn step-by-step ow to create an Ad, how to write Ad Copy that grabs people's attention and makes them click, and so much more.

Building Your Business on TikTok with Anabelle Martinez

Join Amy & Anabelle and learn how to set up your TikTok account, which account type best suites your business — a Creator or a Business Account., why TikTok over Instagram or Facebook, and so much more.

How To Change Your Story with Barbara Adams

Join Barbara and understand what is trauma and how it shows up in your brain as a creative. You'll learn the steps to take to change your story , and so much more.