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Introducing The Inner Circle


The Inner Circle is the place where Amy spills all the details – secrets on how she has taken 6 different businesses from ideas to fully-scaled operations doing over 7 figures respectively. Where she will teach you a new finish or technique each month that you can build upon.

Join Amy's Inner Circle

 Many of you are in the season of your life where you are ready to give up your 8-5 and forge a new life on your own terms. Doing what you love and taking your passions and turning them into a true business. To do this you need a mentor, accountability, and a road map to build your portfolio and your business.

Join Amy each month for two live workshops within The Inner Circle where you will learn to build a business at the same time as continuing to learn, paint, build your finishes, and develop your skills.

Each month as a member of The Inner Circle, you will receive...

High-Quality Video Tutorial

Amy will teach you a brand new finish or technique each month. A high-quality video with close-up shots will be available for you to view after the first Zoom!

One All Inclusive PDF

The PDF will contain step-by-step instructions on all the details for the finish or technique you learned that month. It will also include. alist of products you need to complete the finish. 

Two Zoom Meetings

In the first, Amy will premiere the finish video for the month and answer any questions you might have. In the second Amy will lay out the roadmap for building your business. 

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Why Work With Amy?

✥ Amy created finishes and private labeled furniture designs for F. Schumacher for 19 years. She understands the luxury interior design market
✥ Amy created a finishing business that allowed her to design and paint for princes, presidents, and mega-celebrities for over 30 years
✥ Amy has created multiple companies from an idea to 7 figures with proven principles of how to build a brand. She wants you to understand your giftings and passions to create your own successful recognizable brand
✥ Amy has proven techniques of developing first-class finishes and developing products to create them. She has trained, consulted, and worked with multiple companies for over 30 years to build their furniture, wallcoverings, paintings, and interior design businesses

Choose How You Want To Work With Amy

Turn your passion for painting into a business

 ➤  Learn a new technique and finish each month to continue to build your portfolio


➤  Learn the history of the techniques and finishes you are learning and how to apply that to your business


➤  Learn how to prioritize and develop the pieces of your growing business


➤  Learn how to use social media to grow your customer base and build relationships that turn into buying customers

 ➤  Learn how to create a marketing plan that will give you confidence that you are going in the right direction and making the right decisions


➤  Learning how to price your work in a way that is profitable


➤  Learn how to understand who your customer is and how to sell to them


➤  Learn how to build your own personal brand, taking your giftings and passions and build them into your personal brand that people will keep coming back for more

About Amy Howard

Amy Howard is well known in the furniture finishing industry. She has painted for presidents, princes, and celebrities. Her home, with all its gorgeous furniture, has been featured in multiple magazines and books over the last 35 years.

After publishing two books and teaching her online course, The Old World Finishing Course, she realized her students wanted to continue to learn a much wider variety of finishing techniques both for their personal use and for up-leveling their own refinishing businesses.

The Inner Circle is Amy’s answer to this demand for more.

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