Transfer Your Drawings Onto Surfaces Without Technology

Do you find trompe l’oeil projects intimidating? Does it hold you back because you keep wondering what will happen if you make a mistake?

It’s a good thing it’s just paint. You’re not a plumber or an electrician that your mistakes can lead to flooding or starting a fire. It’s forgiving because if you don’t like it, you can get some paint to either rework it or start over. It’s nothing to be intimidated by or really be too concerned about.

And this process starts with the drawing, which can be transferred onto your surfaces using different methods. For this workshop, Amy’s Special Guest, Zoey Stevens, will be using charcoal sticks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Preferred surface has to be primed first then coated with your base layer of paint before transferring the image.

Materials Needed:

  • Drawing of the image you want to transfer
  • Primed-and-coated surface
  • Artist’s tape
  • Charcoal sticks
  • Pencil

How To Transfer Your Drawings Onto Surfaces Without Technology

Step 1: Draw or print out the image you want to transfer

Step 2: Use charcoal sticks to cover the back side of your image

Step 3: Secure your design onto your primed-and-coated surface using artist’s tape

Step 4: Trace the image using a pencil

Even though projectors are used when working on a large scale, it’s good to always know how to do it without technology in case you’re not in a wi-fi area, or your phone runs out of power. This method also helps to keep your skills sharp.

Now you know the traditional way of transferring your images onto surfaces without relying on technology.

CLICK HERE to get Amy's full workshop on Trompe L'oeil Basics with Special Guest, Zoey Stevens, so you can start creating three-dimensional designs on your surfaces and pieces.

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