Reverse Engineer Your Dreams

What if you can have your own system to help you achieve your dreams? Wouldn’t it be nice if action plans are personalized and not based on generic templates and/or other people’s journey?

Amy will share with you how to use reverse engineering to efficiently plan your dreams simply by starting with the end in mind. These are the same steps she took when she was in a desperate situation decades ago.

How To Reverse Engineer Your Dreams

Step 1: Forget everything

Step 2: Focus on your conclusion and write it out
Amy’s Tip: This is your desired result/outcome

Step 3: Write out the steps you need to take to achieve your desired result/outcome
Amy’s Tip: For you to achieve your desired result or outcome, these have to happen.

Step 4: Remind yourself that you can do it and you can make your dreams happen.
Amy’s Tip: Most creatives shut down after writing out the details because it makes them feel overwhelmed, so resist it and remind yourself to be your own cheerleader.

Now you know the steps Amy took that helped her push through towards achieving her dreams. In spite of the unfortunate circumstances she was in, these steps made it possible for her to make her dreams come true.

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