Remove Wallpaper Without the Headache

You're going to LOVE learning Amy Howard's secret tip on how to strip and remove wallpaper with just a few simple household ingredients and very minimal effort.

Most people don't know how to strip existing wallpaper and this post will show you just how easy it is.

Materials Needed:

- Very Hot Water

- Multipurpose Sprayer

- Dawn Liquid Soap

How To Easily Remove Wallpaper

Step 1: Fill up your multi-purpose sprayer halfway with extremely hot water

Step 2: Add your entire container of Dawn liquid soap & stir well

Step 3: Spray the solution over the wallpaper and allow to sit for 30 minutes

Step 4: Spray your solution over the wallpaper once more

Step 5: Come back after an additional 30 minutes and watch as the wallpaper is separated from the glue that holds it to the wall making it almost effortless to remove.

Now you don't have to purchase an expensive wallpaper stripping solution or machine to easily remove wallpaper from your walls!

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