Mixing Acrylic Resin for Marble Countertops

How do you prevent your resin from feeling sticky as if it never really dried? Amy Howard will share a way around that using her fool-proof technique for mixing acrylic resin.

By using the Acrylic Glacier Resin and Hardener Bundle, you’ll have a non-yellowing, non-priming, odorless, and self-leveling icy clear finish perfect for your countertops.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your working time after mixing your Resin and Hardener is 20 minutes.

Materials Needed:

How To Mix Acrylic Resin for Marble Countertops

Step 1: Protect yourself by wearing a mask and a pair of gloves

Step 2: Measure equal part Acrylic Glacier Resin and equal part Acrylic Glacier Hardener in separate containers
Amy’s Tip: If you put more hardener than resin, it’ll feel sticky, like it never really dried

Step 3: Pour the hardener into the resin container
Amy’s Tip: Scrape the sides to make sure you don’t leave any in the container

Step 4: Mix using your tongue depressor, or wooden spoon, or plastic spoon. Stir for 3 minutes.
Amy’s Tip: Mix it slowly to prevent bubbles. If bubbling occurs, you can use a hair dryer or a heat gun to pop them

Now you know Amy’s fool-proof technique for mixing acrylic resin that helps prevent it from feeling sticky after drying.

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