Mistake-free Method for Blending Dyes

Prepare to be amazed with Amy Howard's easy method for blending dyes. This simple mistake-free method uses just your hands and gloves!

Learn to create organic masterpieces and give new life to fabric, upholstery, and more!  

Materials Needed:

  • Wet fabric surface
  • Gloved hands
  • Brush (optional)

How to Blend Dyes Easily on Fabric

Step 1: Sponge light, medium, dark color variances onto the wet fabric surface.

Step 2: Use gloved hands to help soften the color variances, be sure to get the edges.

Step 3: A brush can be used but there is a possibility of stippling towards the end!

Step 4: Don't worry about getting all the colors to be the same

Step 5: Keep in mind it will get lighter as the fabric dries

Step 6: Enjoy the variances!

Never be nervous again about dyeing fabrics and be a blending pro with this super easy method!

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