Live both a creative AND prosperous life!

The world needs your work!

You can live both a creative AND prosperous life with the roadmap for artists that Amy Howard crafted over the years.

Dive into the starving artist mentality and master how to overcome it!

Explore the key 7 mental blocks that could be keeping you from being a successful artist:

  1. A starving artist believes you must be born an artist.
  2. The starving artist strives to be an original.
  3. The starving artist believes she has enough talent.
  4. The starving artist waits to get noticed.
  5. The starving artist believes he can be creative anywhere.
  6. The starving artist works alone.
  7. The starving artist despises the need for money.

Learn how thriving artists view these 7 mental blocks differently to reach success.

In addition, discover…

  • The first step to breaking free
  • The 5 steps for creative work
  • The 3 reasons people don’t set goals

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