Intentionally Build Relationships as a Rainmaker

How do you create key relationships that grow your business? Why are good relationships considered key to bringing your dreams to life? Good thing Amy’s here to share ways to intentionally build relationships in your community.

Since there are only six degrees of separation between everybody else, all of us are only six or fewer social connections away from each other.

Tips on How to Intentionally Build Relationships as a Rainmaker

AMY’S TIP #1: Respond to ALL emails and phone calls you’re receiving

AMY’S TIP #2: Listen carefully to WHO your friends know

AMY’S TIP #3: Never underestimate the power of social media in making your connections

AMY’S TIP #4: Reach out to people you don’t know. Why? Because every friendship begins with the first encounter.

AMY’S TIP #5: Host parties, meetups, luncheons with other entrepreneurs in your area.
NOTE: There’s no need to have more than 12 people whenever you get together. The purpose is to look at what you can do as a group to make a difference in your city.

Always remember to be able to connect with them, be able to build friendships, and be able to build ways of connecting so they know what it is that you are doing. Why? Because you’ve got to do this in order to be able to build your ask.

You see, if you set a goal of making three new friends each month, you’re going to have 36 new friends at the end of 12 months. Isn’t that amazing?

Now you know how Amy was able to build decades and decades of good relationships that help expand her business.

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