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This post will cover The Amy Howard Finishing School’s Clients On-Demand system from our recent Business Workshop where students learned how to constantly land local furniture & cabinet refinishing jobs. 

Preston Howard will share some of the benefits of using the Clients On-Demand system, how it works, and what the first step (the planning process) looks like.

“Never wonder where your next client is going to come from.”

That's one of the great benefits of our client-on-demand process - never wonder where your next refinishing or furniture painting job is coming from by having a consistent method for generating new leads. 

I don't know what you’re currently doing, maybe you have an active process for how you're getting furniture refinishing jobs locally, or maybe you're not offering services yet just because you haven't had a consistent method.

The good news is, this workshop will teach you the step-by-step process to set up our Clients On-Demand system to give you the ability to flip a switch and have people coming requesting furniture refinishing services that you can go and offer locally in your community. 

Along with having a consistent method for generating new job leads, here are just a few benefits of our Refinishing Clients On-Demand System…

  • Build a List of Potential Customers
  • You’ll Know Your Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Delegating To Other Team Members

Build a List of Potential Customers 

So not only are these going to be leads of people saying, hey, I want you to come refinish my cabinets, or hey, I want you to come repaint a dresser that I have, this is going to give people that are actively looking for furniture and services that you can add to your email list.

Once these new leads are on your emails list, you’ll be able to update them when you've just finished a piece or about a new piece of content that you came out with. So again, this is another great way of being able to do that as well. 

You’ll Know Your Customer Acquisition Cost

So as we go into this process, you're going to be able to see that this really gives you one clear way of being able to know okay, I can spend $1 here and get $3 out here, or I know when I'm putting this much money in this is how much it's costing me to get a customer. 

So again, going back to maybe you've had kind of an inconsistent way in the past, or maybe everything's been referral and word of mouth at this point, from past clients and things like that. 

This is going to allow you to get a measurable result inside of your business to where you know how much it costs to be able to acquire that customer. 

Delegating To Other Team Members

Delegate delegation is a great part of scale. So if you plan on taking more work, this is something that you can actually train someone else to do or share this presentation and have them go through this workshop. 

They'll be able to learn how to actually set this up and do it for you to where you'll have leads coming in. All you have to worry about is following up with them going out and giving a quote and you don't have to worry about the technical side. 

Now that we know some of the benefits of the Clients On-Demand system, let’s review the Clients On-Demand system as a whole before we break down each one.

The Client On-Demand System

  1. Planning

Step one is just going to be planning. Just like a refinishing job you're doing, the majority of the work is going to be in that preparation stage. So we're going to go over what that planning process looks like in preparing to move to stage two, which is actually setting up your advertising. 

  1. Preparing Your Advertisements

Now the method of advertising that we're going to be using is Facebook and Instagram ads. So with Facebook owning Instagram, it gives us the ability to use these two separate platforms to advertise in our local community and have a crazy amount of reach. 

Advertising on these two platforms allows us to go very broad and the algorithm will find out for you who the best people are to show those ads in front of so we'll be going into this and actually looking at what it looks like to set up that advertisement. 

  1. Add Leads To CRM (Manually or Automated)

The next step is getting the leads. So once we've actually set the ads up, we publish them, and the leads start coming in. So you can download the leads from Facebook, or you can have them go directly into a spreadsheet that you can use to be able to pull from, it's very, very simple. And we'll get into what that looks like. 

  1. Provide Quotes

After you get the leads, then it's time to start giving the quotes. We want to make sure to call those leads, give them a phone call, and actually go out in person to provide them a quote or an estimate of what it's going to look like to have that service done, whether it's for their cabinets or their furniture.

These types of advertisements are going to be somebody who's wanting to put a new coat of paint on their furniture, maybe they're wanting to redo their cabinets, some of these jobs might be really simple, just like a fresh coat of paint, I'd say probably 20% of your jobs might lie more on the actual specialty finish side, but that you will have those jobs as well. 

  1. Landing The Job

Now that you’ve given your quote, you can close the sale on-site and collect a 30% deposit or if it’s a larger job, you might need to take a day to develop your estimate and follow up. 

Don’t forget to watch this workshop all the way through to the end where Amy will be reviewing with us the best way to provide quotes and close sales on site.

Now that you have a high-level overview of how the clients On-Demand system works, let’s jump into number one, The Planning.

Step #1: The Planning

Let's go over what each step in the process broken down looks like starting with number one, which is the planning. 

  • Prepare Page For Traffic
  • Setting Up Ad Accounts
  • Prepare Ad Copy & Images

Prepare Pages For Traffic

We're looking at our primary pages on Facebook, and Instagram, these are going to be our business pages. This is what we're going to showcase our work and where we're posting about new pieces that we're finishing up or maybe a project or services or maybe this is where we have our website link. 

We want to make sure to actually prepare these pages for once we start running our ads because people are going to see our ad, they're going to click on the link. And they're going to look at the page and see if it's legitimate. 

Now I also don't want this to be a deterrent where maybe you don't have a large following, maybe you don't have a lot of stuff yet on your profiles. Don't worry about it, it's okay because the advertisement is going to be a good pre-frame to where if you don't have a large following, it really doesn't affect the performance of your advertisement. But we just want to keep it in mind as we're running these things, people will go and look for credibility.

So we just want to make sure that our Instagram profile has a link in our bio right a link tree that either goes to our website or something else, kind of showing our credibility, we want to make sure that our Instagram has images of our work that's displayed professionally, almost similar to like your portfolio. 

On your Facebook page, just being able to make sure that you get links to your website, maybe you're linking back over to your Instagram, you just have things there to where you're developing that credibility. If you're more built out and you have your website, you've got different channels and things like that, make sure to link them on those pages because people will be visiting those and so we just want to make sure that those are prepared. 

Setting Up Your Accounts

The next step in your prepping phase is actually getting your advertising account set up. 

If you have familiarity with Facebook or Instagram and you have a business account, you might have actually gone through this process in the past, which is great because you need that to be able to get started on that. 

If not, this is going to be the next step, setting up these business accounts, your ad manager and then again, Zapier, which is optional and very simple.

Don’t forget that we're going to have the full videos on the setup process in your student library. So under this Clients On-Demand Workshop, once you go into it along with this video, there's going to be a video underneath that's going to show how to go up how to go in and actually set up your business manager account and set up your ads manager so that way, you'll have this step by step walkthrough for being able to set that up. 

Prepare Advertising Copy & Images

The next in the preparation phase is your ad copy and images. So the easiest way for me and everybody might be a little bit different here. But being able to use Google Drive, you can see that I just set up a folder, and I called my “lead ads” folder, I created a folder in there for the “images” where I can put the different images that I have. And then I created a document inside of that folder for the “ad copy”. 

So one of the great things is we actually created three different variations of ad copy for furniture refinishing services, and then three variations of copy for cabinet refinishing services. So whether or not you want to offer one of those, in the resource section along with this training we'll have that link so that way you can visit that you can just take that template, copy and paste it and then change it to be able to work for your ads. 

For the images, you want these to be either before and after, or lifestyle images, we've seen different ones work better in different areas, there's really no rhyme or reason other than just testing and seeing which ones work the best for your ad. 

And that is going to sum up our planning phase!

Again, we're going to have the PDF saved so you can review the presentation as well as the supporting videos and documentation for the planning phase. So that way, you'll be able to have everything you need to get those accounts set up. 

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