Take Professional Furniture Photos with a Smartphone

Discover Linda Holt’s techniques to mimic a professional camera with just your smartphone!

Amy invited Linda as a guest speaker to show you the simple two step method for turning your smartphone into a professional camera.

This technique is PERFECT for taking professional quality photos of your furniture and finishes to ultimately sell more pieces or land more clients.

If you’ve ever tried to photograph furniture with your smartphone and were dismayed at the results, use these two steps to drastically improve your photos’ quality.

Here’s Linda’s 2 tips:

  1. Set the exposure and focus manually
  • Tap your finger on the screen to get the lightmeter where you want
  • Hold your finger on the screen until a yellow box with a sun pops up.
  • Slide your finger up to lighten the image or slide your finger down to darken the image.
  • Avoid blurry or soft photos by locking in the focus
  1. Use the portrait mode or telephoto lens
  • Looks like a camera with a long lens
  • Perfect for styling shots, details, vignettes, and when shooting in busy showrooms
  • Blurs the background so the subject can be the focus
  • Designated telephoto lens will cause less distortion

Join Linda and Amy as they dive into how easy it is to use your smartphone in place of a clunky and expensive camera and get the same stunning and professional results!

CLICK HERE to get the full training on how to transform your smartphone photos to look like they’ve come straight out of a professional camera.

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