Designing Her Own Path: Mary Corrado's Journey


In a recent interview with Amy Howard, Mary Corrado, a student and now a successful creative entrepreneur, shared her journey of transformation and growth in the world of furniture design and interior decorating.

About Mary Corrado

Mary Corrado, hailing from Portland, Oregon, has been in the interior decorating business for many years. She has always admired Amy Howard's designs and wanted to recreate them but didn't know how to do it with regular paint from the paint store. This led her on a journey to find Amy again and learn the techniques she needed to elevate her work.

The Limitations of Traditional Techniques

Before her transformative journey, Mary used chalk paint and wax for her finishes, but she felt limited. She wanted to create beautiful old-world finishes with texture and glaze, but she didn't know how to achieve that with the materials she was using. She sold some pieces in this style, but looking back, she feels she could have done better.

The Transformation: Old World Finishing Course

Mary's breakthrough came when she took Amy Howard's Old World Finishing Course. The course, which includes modules and mentoring, taught her the authentic techniques of creating antique looks and how to use different paints. The difference in her work before and after the course, she says, is "night and day."

The Impact on Her Work

Now, Mary looks for lovely finishes in the furniture she rescues. She has learned to appreciate the beauty of old furniture and the art of making new furniture look old. She has also changed the name of her business from Mary Corrado Interiors to Mary Carter Designs to reflect her evolving ideas and the expansion of her work into furniture design and painting.

Reflections on Her Journey

When asked how she feels about her work now, Mary admits she's critical of herself. However, when she looks back at her mood boards and samples, she feels they are truly beautiful. She has become an inspiration to the community of students who have taken Amy Howard's course.

Advice for Aspiring Designers

For those considering taking the Old World Finishing course, Mary has some advice. If you're interested, that's a sign you should do it. The course is easy to follow, and with practice, you can create beautiful finishes. She assures that the techniques taught in the course work, and the feeling of creating something beautiful is amazing.

Conclusion: No Regrets

Mary has no regrets about taking the course. She has never heard anyone say they regret signing up. The course includes ten modules and six weeks of lab mentoring, which Mary found incredibly important. The community that forms among the students is supportive and encouraging, helping each other through struggles and celebrating each other's successes.

Mary's journey is a testament to the transformative power of learning and creativity. She has gone from feeling limited in her work to creating beautiful, authentic old-world finishes. Her story is an inspiration to anyone interested in interior decorating and furniture design.

You can follow Mary on her Facebook page at marykay.corado and on her Instagram page. She continues to inspire with her beautiful designs and her passion for her craft.

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