Create a Pattern & Antique Mirror Using a Stencil

Did you know that there's a fun and easy way to add patterns to your mirrors?

Amy and Gene will show you how to make subtle yet elegant mirror designs with easy-to-use materials and fun-to-follow steps.

They will also share tips on how to distress mirrors without the stress and this post will show you how you can have fun with it.

Materials Needed:

  1. Stripped mirror
  2. Rag
  3. Adhesive stencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Hog hair (or mister)
  6. Antiquing solution
  7. Water for rinsing

How To Create a Pattern Using Stencil on an Antiqued Mirror

Step 1: After rinsing the Stripped Mirror, dab it dry with a rag.
Amy's Tip: Do not wipe though as it can scratch the mirror.
NOTE: Lint from rag won’t be a problem

Step 2: Apply the Adhesive Stencil to the back of the mirror. Smoothen it out and cut the excess pattern with your scissors. Peel off the backing.
Gene's Tip: You CAN use mylar. BUT since they have the tendency to move, unlike adhesive stencils, you’d need to be careful.
Amy's Tip: Mylar soaks underneath it really easily. That’s why we find adhesive stencil much more forgiving to use.

Step 3: Take a Hog Hair Brush and let Antiquing Solution absorb into bristles. Then, dab on. Hog Hair removes and manipulates the silver.
Gene's Tip: You CAN use a spray bottle for this step BUT you would need to dab it with a rag after to lift the silver.

Step 4: Let the solution sit.
NOTE: The longer it sits, the darker the finish will be.

Step 5: Rinse off the solution.

Step 6: Remove your stencil.

Who would have thought there are different ways to antique a mirror? Now you know alternative materials you can use and other steps you can take to easily antique them while also having fun.

CLICK HERE to get Amy's full workshop on antiquing mirrors, so you can start creating your own.

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