My Best Selling Furniture Finish

Join Amy Howard as she details the important features of one of her top selling furniture finishes used on her Capri Dining Table.

With 23 showrooms across the US, and out of almost 400 pieces of furniture they designed and manufactured, the Capri Dining Table was one of their bestsellers with:

  • A glorious black milk paint finish
  • An Italian pitted silver edge detailing around the banding of the table and down the legs
  • An all over varnish and wax on top to seal in everything

You'll love using this finishing technique to create furniture that has depth and stunning detailing like no other...

Ready to recreate this iconic finish on your next project?

CLICK HERE to get the step-by-step tutorial for Amys Capri Finish and many other incredible furniture finishes you'll love recreating and adding to your portfolio.

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