Basic Tools for Wood Repair

Familiarize yourself with the basic tools Gene uses for his wood repair projects!

Amy brings on her husband, Gene to help reveal everything you need to know regarding wood repair!

As with artists needing all their brushes and material before they start a work of art, be sure to have all the necessary tools before starting your first repair project!

Here’s Gene’s list of tools:

  • Drill: for drilling holes and screwing screws
  • Tape: helps section off areas to protect
  • Putty knife: helps to clean joints and where frames come together along with pushing glue through
  • Wood glue: standard wood glue works great
  • Assortment of drill bits: allows you to drill different hole types
  • Screws: the repair type will determine the size of screw needed
  • Sandpaper and wood filler: helps to smooth rough spots and fill nail holes or imperfections

Now that you’ve gotten your basic tools and materials, you can check out the rest of Amy and Gene’s training on how to repair wood!

CLICK HERE to get Amy's full training on everything you need to know related to wood repair!

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