3 Reasons for Faux Bois

Check out Zoe Stevens’ techniques for faux bois (faux woodgrain) to elevate projects with a woodgrain finish.

Amy invites Zoe as a guest speaker to show you how easy it is to mimic woodgrain!

You may be wondering to yourself why you should even do a painted faux bois when you can just purchase a wood product.

Zoe dives into three reasons:

  1. You can get as creative as you want (and as Amy loves to say…have bragging rights!)
  2. It’s economical! Take something inexpensive and elevate it. Make it expensive.
  3. Sometimes there’s certain surfaces where wood cannot be used but you want that look!

Join Zoe and Amy as they show you how to easily recreate different species of wood with two different techniques.

CLICK HERE to get Amy's full training on how to transform your furniture to look with impressive wood grain finishes!

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